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The Cartier Cherish Bracelet—that great all-gold bangle with two side screws that, to cite Kanye West (who wears three at any given moment), holds your affection secured—has an ageless interest that has come to speak to everlasting cool among the mold set.

Also, it's not just in light of the fact that it's difficult to remove (every bracelet is affixed on the wearer's wrist and must be dismantled utilizing a modest screwdriver). The basic plan supplements a wide range of current jewelry, from hip men's watches to dainty string fellowship bracelets, and looks suitable on all events, worn as effectively with heaps of precious stones as it is with new skin and a Madewell tee. Truth be told, it's so prominent among a specific order of polished New York City ladies that a few healing centers are known to keep an adoration bracelet screwdriver helpful on the off chance that it should be evacuated.
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